Silicone Cushion Pad Inserts Shoe Insoles Ball of Foot Soft Gel Metatarsal Half Mat 3 pairs


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原材料 silicone
カテゴリ ホーム&キッチン
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[Foot Pads Metatarsal]3 pairs of ball of foot cushions (metatarsal cushions) , These comfortable pads are made of an extremely soft polyurethane gel which gives them a cushiony feel allowing for superb levels of comfort in your everyday life. The pads not only have been designed with anti-slipping and strong grip in mind, but also allows your feet a gentle massage during movement. With our everyday comfort feet you’ll be able to walk for hours quality controlled by a Japanese designer.
[Foot Pads Shock Absorbent]Our cushion pads are very durable and also shock absorbent meaning that when you’re walking around, no matter the shoe (High Heels, Dancers shoes) or situation our pads can handle it. You have no need to worry about the balls of your feet getting injured when you put our pads into your shoes! Whether your shoes are uncomfortable, or you just want to make your already comfortable shoes even MORE comfortable, then these pads are for you.
[Pain Relief Foot Care]Our pads are created with the perfect thickness in mind to help prevent pain and also so that they are able to be placed into your shoe without it being uncomfortable or visible to other people. You have no reason to worry about your fashion being ruined with our shoe pads!
[Extra Value with Money Back Guarantee]Our foot pads contain 3 pairs (6 individual) pads made from polyurethane silicone gel. This means you get to ability to use our pads in 3 pairs, or 6 individual shoes with just one purchase! We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with our product and as such are offering a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase! Rest at ease knowing that be have confidence in the quality of our pads!
[Specifications]3 pairs of foot pads, Measurements; 3.7”x2.6” (9.5 x 6.5cm), Color: clear, Material: silicone gel