Ikenobo Flower Arranging Shears&Scissors tip bag colortype is red.Easy to use by beginners or skilled people.


小売価格 $24.99
メンバー価格 $24.99
原材料 Brass
カテゴリ ホーム&キッチン, 園芸・庭
タスク完了日数 1
応募制限 (国) アメリカ
応募制限 (評価)


This Ikenobo flower scissors is set with a pair of scissors bag. It is a scissors that is easy to use for practice and skilled people.
With this Ikebana set alone you can start to arrange Ikebana right now, and you can produce special days with parties, anniversaries, family, friends and lovers.
Since the buttons are attached to the scissors' tip case, you can safely keep the scissors securely.
It is a scissors that can also be used for bonsai.